100 Watt Shine combines to continue their edgy, bluesy rock vision with the release of new single “The Devil You Don’t Know”

Five-man band 100 Watt Shine from Sioux Falls, South Dakota has combined with Sheryl Crow
guitarist Peter Stroud to release a new country-rock single “The Devil You Don’t Know”.

The result is a “resounding anthem of stylish guitars, gritty vocals, and passionately intentional writing,” according to Rebecca Cullen of Stereo Stickman. The group wants to let the music
speak for itself, allowing the listener to interpret the message of the single. With influences ranging from Aerosmith to the Allman Brothers, 100 Watt Shine wants their focus to be their love of guitars and writing the music.

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“The Devil You Don’t Know” was mixed in Sioux Falls at Warehouse Recording Studios. The group features Craig Olson on vocals, Brian Detmers and Cling Kennedy on guitar, along with Miles Hudson on drums and Scott Walters on bass. The quintet are no strangers to the stage, performing at various events, including South Dakota PBS’s special “No Cover, No Minimum.” The five have played in various bands in the past, combining later to form 100 Watt Shine.


The group has released a self-titled album previously (2016) and with a number of new singles – including “The Devil You Don’t Know” – the group had started working on a follow-up album in 2021.

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