Brooding, Atmospheric & Cinematic Are What Comes To Mind When Facing 49 Burning Condors Newest Release ‘Noonday’

49 Burning Condors - Noonday49 Burning Condors / Publicity photo

I’m a visual person. I always have been. Especially when it comes to music. I invest mentally into a song and instantly start conjuring up images to complement the music I’m being treated to. Noonday is no exception. From the opening strum of the acoustic guitar, I feel as if I’m instantly transported into a forest with nothing but the moonlight to help me find my way as a thick layer of fog rolls through. I hear the hoot of an owl in the far-off distance followed by the howl of a wolf. This is the picture my mind’s eye has painted.

Through a bit of research on this remarkable band’s genesis of this magnificent song I find my imagination is not that far off. Reading their biography, I am instantly overpowered by the vivid imagery birthed from lead vocalist’s dream. Where there were walls turning read, taunts from a small girl, and her inability to speak due to her mouth being filled with mud. That is a whole lot of heaviness to take in. Kimber Dulin did what any great artist would do though. She put her pain to page. Her lyrics served as her catharsis.

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Her lyrics are by no means something to scoff at. They are impressive and intense. She performs them with a vocal gravitas like that of the Cranberries. Chris Tremoglie’s engrossing and brooding riffs on the guitar are complemented by Andriana Markano’s intoxicating manipulation of the violin adding an epic feel to this amazing song. It’s all held together by the low toned and underlying bass play from Zack Rinck and a thumping beat by drummer Kat Wilson. All these integral puzzle pieces have come together to gift our ears with a phenomenal new song that could just as easily in our ear buds as it would in the score of a Tolkien film.

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