49 Burning Condors Unleashes A Full Fledged Look Into The Greatness They Bring To The Table With Full Length Album ‘Seventh Hymnal’

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I’ve covered this eclectic band before, so I had an inkling of what was in store for me when I took in this album in its entirety. Unsurprisingly they did not fail to amaze me with their musical capabilities. The first single of theirs I covered was Noonday, and upon hearing this full-length album it’s clear that ‘Noonday’ was just scratching the surface of their capabilities. I’m beyond impressed and excited to finally open the Pandora’s Box of their talents.

If Noonday was the appetizer, then ‘Seventh Hymnal’ is clearly the main course. My suggestion is you belly up to the table with an empty stomach and hearty appetite as you will assuredly be sated with this album. This album is cinematic to say the least. Allowing your mind to conjure images of foggy swamplands and witches’ covens. If you are a visual person that has a vivid imagination then ‘Seventh Hymnal’ is for you as 49 Burning Condors has given a full array of paints, canvas, and easel with this masterful album. Or if film is your medium of choice, let the projector run and be amazed at the cinematic images crafted through the band’s Gothic storytelling.

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I’ve said it before in my last article. I’m amazed with Kimber Dulin’s mesmerizing and enchanting voice. Ok, I might have used different words, but the sentiments are there. Her tones are epic and haunting at times. The compliment of Chris Tremoglie’s energized guitar chords coupled with Adriano Markano’s haunting violin and Kat Wilson’s thunderous drums sets an evocative tone. Lay in Zach Rinck’s underlying and ever-present bassline and you have the recipe of a masterpiece. ‘Noonday’ still resonates with me, but I did feel a strong connection to ‘Willow Tree’ and the eponymous ‘Seventh Hymnal’. Each song on this album is immensely powerful and fills you with feels for better or worse.

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