9 O’clock Nasty Are Back And Laying Down The Gauntlet With Their Latest ‘Team Player’

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From the opening of this cut comes two overall thoughts/anecdotes. First, I feel as if this song equates to a fight scene in an action movie where there are a series of rapid cuts to accentuate each connecting punch. This song is that scene as from right out of the gates you are getting rapidly punched with the glory that Nine o’clock Nasty has to offer. Secondly, hearing this engaging song brings my mind back to early 2000’s WWE, and Eric Bischoff’s theme song, which was “I’m back, and better than ever” which is the best way to describe this effort from Nine o’clock Nasty. They are back, and better than ever.

The ever-present drumbeat drives the song as the lyrics fully convey the dangers of being a “Team Player” and have crafted this song for all of us that fancy ourselves different from that. The gnarly guitars throughout this piece successfully send shivers down the listener’s spine. This an anthemic masterpiece to empower those of us that choose to be our own person and go against the grain. Those of us that choose to be individualistic instead of conveniently fitting into a mold and being the “Team Player” society wants us to be.

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We all know the energy that goes behind a Nine o’clock Nasty song. It’s loud, boisterous and in your face. It’s unapologetic and full of unrelenting pizzazz. This song encapsulates all that is great about Nine o’clock Nasty. This song in particular feels as if its written just for the outsiders of this world. Those of us that have long felt misunderstood by mainstream society. This song is cathartic in a way as it gives the energy and message telling us its ok to just be ourselves. Nine o’clock Nasty is here to stand high atop the mountain waving the freak flag for us.

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