A BLACK RAINBOW drops a dark and upbeat new single ‘Hey Kids’


A BLACK RAINBOW, led by Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht is here with a dark, yet catchy new song called “Hey Kids” that propels you ahead with an upbeat drum beat.

There is nothing wrong with some of us being misfits. These outcasts, real individuals, and deep thinkers—they are the coolest people on earth. A Black Rainbow’s music essentially represents those that at first don’t fit in, but who quickly reveal a lot more as you get to know them. People have a tendency to judge others unfairly when they first encounter them, it happens quite often. ‘Hey Kids’ is a powerful track that fans of rock’n’roll and booming electronic music will enjoy. Hit that play button and hear for yourself.

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Wilson started out as an actor and is a creative in other fields. He moved to Los Angeles at the age of 16 to study film and art at the Idyllwild Arts Academy. After realizing that he could do more than just acting, he began to pursue music. Gonzalez, who draws on a wide range of musical inspirations, kept making music over the years, and it was 2010 when he formed A Black Rainbow with his friends and the project is up and running till this day.

Music is the way for him to project his thoughts and feelings to the world in a way that would be impossible if he were solely an actor. It’s about creating original music and that’s the only way to truly express who you are. Wilson is mysterious, dark, and androgynous, yet he also always has a spark of hope.

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