Abandon the Fall release anthemic new single ‘Devours You’ feat. Dayshell

Abandon the Fall, a Houston-based musical project led by Juan Espinoza, has released a new single called ‘Devours You’ that is sure to stick in your head.

Juan Espinoza founded Abandon the Fall in 2018, and since then, he has continued to make new songs in collaboration with other musicians and producers. The most recent single ‘Devours You’ is powerful and deliciously flavorful in every way. Every artist and every band draws from different sources. When you listen to Abandon the Fall you’ll hear stylings from bands like KoRn, Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails and Deftones, plus a million other things that influence each one of us as human beings just by experiencing life. The song effortlessly draws you in and pushes you to listen. It was masterfully co-produced together with Dayshell who wrote, recorded and mixed the song. With its powerful, groovy and unquestionably addictive nature thanks to brilliantly harmonized vocals, it’s definitely one of the best new melodic metal songs you’ll hear lately.

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“This song is back-and-forth conversation with someone who is going down a dark path. The vocalist knows all too well that any involvement from his end will only result in him being consumed as well. With the notion of the situation and pleads for help going against his morals, he knows all too well that he can’t be the hero he’s being sought out to be. Especially in knowing that the other individual is not committed to changing for the better.”, says Juan Espinoza.

Abandon the Fall project is not currently offering any live performances, but the music is alive and well, serving the most crucial function, which is to connect with listeners. In essence, the project is about sharing life experiences through sound, good and bad, but always openly and honestly. Enjoy the music and keep an eye out for updates!

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