Absinthe Green Blows Door Off The Metal Community With ‘Dead Before My Eyes’ And Squarely Plants Her Flag On Top Of The Food Chain

Absinthe Green solidifies themselves as a group that isn’t meant for the weak much like their namesake, for only the toughest of the tough can down some Absinthe, and not walk away unscathed. Having said that, upon listening to this 100% badass song, prepare to be scathed. This song hits just as hard as the band itself does. Eirini “Absinthe Green” has been blessed with a voice that exudes attitude and grit which fits like a missing puzzle piece in this hard-edged tapestry of metal goodness.

Absinthe Green was spawned from the psyche of Eirini, so it makes sense that the sound is as hard as its creator is. Eirini grew her reputation throughout the metal community by playing bass in quite a few different metal acts over the years. That’s where she cut her teeth, but her ascension into the upper echelon of metal didn’t stop there. She continued to hone her skills and broaden her horizons as her talent grew to encompass rhythm guitar as well. Already gifted with a mesmerizing and powerful voice she was ready to conquer the industry.

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‘Dead Before My Eyes’ is the perfect example of Absinthe Green’s massive skillset. Eirini’s voice captures the attention as her impressive guitar play holds on with unrelenting force, while Harry Mason’s head pounding and rapid battering of the drums gets your adrenaline going, and all that is beautifully supported by Villy Pirris’ masterful working of the bass. Just when you thought you could literally not ingest any more intensity from this magnificent band, you are bombarded with visuals that perfectly complement this song. A music video expertly directed by Polymnia Papadopoulou visually conveys the angst residing within Absinthe Green’s lyrics. She covers a multitude of heavy hitting topics with this one, so don’t be left out in the cold, and warm up with some Absinthe Green.

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