Alex Cano’s Album Is Perfect Mixture Of Emphatic Lyrical Delivery With Pure Rock & Roll ‘Every Rise Of The Sun’

Alex CanoAlex Cano / Publicity photo

Pure joy are the two words that come instantly to mind as I listened to this amazing album. Alex Cano’s lyrical presence it pitch-perfect for each of his songs. He embodies everything that is good about rock & roll. When one thinks of the voice the perfectly fits the rock genre, Alex Cano has to be in the discussion. It was mesmerizing hearing his range on full display. He is able to guide the narration of this album with expertise as he smoothly transitions throughout a multitude of vocal deliveries.

This is that album that you could find yourself driving the open road and having it as your soundtrack. It’s fitting as it instills you with that inspirational feeling of freedom. The feeling of confidence where you feel you can take on any obstacle. At least that was my takeaway from this album. I wanted to back across the Arizona desert after hearing this album. Or just as easily strut down Sunset Boulevard in the mid 80’s. Reading his background you find out where Alex Cano’s vast array of influence comes from and you can hear it within his music.

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There are smatterings of Chris Cornell, a bit of Eddie Vedder and dash of Johnny Cash with a sprinkle of Led Zepplin. Make no mistake though, this album is ALL Alex Cano. This man has triumphantly planted his feet as he’s not going anywhere but up. No backwards momentum here. He has taken his influences as just inspiration before crafting his own unique musical stylings into the next realm. His has masterfully composed these songs from his heart, and as an audience member you feel every bit of it. This is an album that you’ll want to keep on heavy rotation. Every Rise Of The Sun is that album that if you hear someone else playing it, you’ll think “damn, why don’t I have that?” Go out a

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