Am Samstag Unleashes New Album ‘DUALISM’


This is punk personified. Pure energy and emotion. This is music that gets your blood pumping so hard and so fast that you feel as if you need to sit down for 12 hours afterwards. This is the type of music that imbues you with the balls needed to dive in head first to an out of control pit at a Slayer show. Not sure if you’re going to make it out the other side unscathed, but you’ll have a helluva time with a banger of a story to tell for years to come. Am Samstag hits so hard and so fast that you feel spent once that initial kinetic energy wears off.

I instantly gravitated towards this group’s energy. It takes you in, pounds your skull with hyper kinetic music and doesn’t let up one iota. This is music to love and appreciate made for people who love and appreciate music. To play as fast and as hard as this uber talented trio from Switzerland does is damn near unbelievable. To capture that amount of energy on an album takes the work of a maestro. Am Samstag found their maestro in Jack Endino. He captured their greatness to be heard throughout the world.



As I said this is punk personified, but that’s not to say they don’t have more to offer. They are blessing the world with that punk feel, but also have a healthy portion of grunge, metal and pop to be added to this musical feast. These tracks are so full of energy that one has to come down from the adrenaline high to tip the cap to the musical mastery of guitarist/vocalist Gabriela Varela, drummer Baptiste Maier and bassist Stephane Grand. Consider my cap tipped!

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