Anastasia Elliot’s Beautiful Operatic Voice Provides Emphasis For Powerful & Impactful Lyrics ‘Masquerade’

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Having to cut through the outer layers to get to a person’s true persona can be an arduous and daunting task. It’s hard to gauge what amount of truth a person is displaying when they are presenting themselves to you. Therein lies the creation of Anastasia Elliot’s powerful and thought-provoking song ‘Masquerade’. It is her commentary on seeking authenticity from people. That doesn’t seem like too much to ask for in the grand scheme of things. All we need is a bit of truth in this world.

The thought process behind this song is superbly relevant and topical as a great many people are invested in cultivating their online personas, which in essence, is the antithesis of being their true selves. I find myself on a daily basis growing frustrated as I see people “stunting on the Gram”, showing these made-up personas that I know to be far cries from who they really are in the three-dimensional world. These folks have worked overtime creating and cultivating these fake personalities that they put on display to the world at large. My personal opinion is because I feel they are unhappy with their real lives and choose to live in this fantasy realm to placate themselves.

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Anastasia Elliot is the perfect person to bring across this message of yearning for realness. Her voice is so beautiful and pitch-perfect to be the spokesperson so to speak. There is a gravitas that comes with her infectious vocal range that adds a great deal of credence to this song’s presentation. Her undeniable talent as an Indie artist and incomparable vocalist helps ‘Masquerade’ outshine the rest of the pack. This song has the strength behind it thanks to her beautiful voice to breakthrough past the Indie realm and into the mainstream should that be something she wants. In short, this woman has the talent and ability to make the world her stage.


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