Anji Kaizen Bares Soul With A Personal Song ‘Blink’ That Expertly Blends Multiple Genres

Anji KaizenPhoto by Ryan Harville

There’s a story behind every song. That is indisputable. Some stories just hit harder than others for better or worse. I myself am a writer of poetry and screenplays, and with that being said I’ve always felt that whatever you are going through in life you put that pain to page. Let your art be cathartic. I felt Anji Kaizen’s new song. To take a trauma that was the genesis of this song, and lay it all out entwined amongst her words takes an artist of immeasurable courage.

I found Anji Kaizen’s voice to be a time machine of sorts as the beauty in her delivery reminded me of vocalists like The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan or Juliana Hatfield. Suffice to say this woman works wonders with her voice. Delivering a powerful performance that teeters on the fence with being vulnerable. To lose the trust of a friend is something no one ever wants to deal with. She has engaged this trauma head on throughout and with great force and gravitas making it her own. She has controlled the narrative with this immaculate piece of art.

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This song is so well crafted on the surface that to know its roots adds that extra special something. That personal story that an audience can grab on to and feel a kinship with. It’s a testament to the worth of this band that they all complement each other in their given positions without ever overshadowing one another. Jory Marshall’s mastery of the guitar helps lay the supportive groundwork for Anji’s powerful lyrics and Nik Marshall’s pace setting percussion is a treat by itself. When you put these three magnificent musicians together under the guidance of an excellent producer like Aaron Pace you are bound to make magic even in a makeshift bedroom studio.

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