Anne Bennett release new single ‘Fabulous Creature’

Anne BennettPhoto by Courtney Hall

“I close my eyes and I turn the dark side of my mind/ where I am alive/ frozen in time.” So begins alternative singer and songwriter Anne Bennett’s latest single Fabulous Creature. As the song title implies, Fabulous Creature is Bennett’s take on coming to terms with who she is and not only accepting it but reveling in her uniqueness. She encourages people to do the same: treasure their individuality, flaws and all.

Born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts to a musical family, Bennett began writing music when she was only 9 years old. She used her father’s studio space as her own to explore music. Her surroundings played a major role in influencing her and the hints of Salem’s haunting presence can be felt in the dark and pensive lyrics of her songs.

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By 19, Bennett had picked up and started strumming the guitar. Her taste in music had also bloomed. She was heavily influenced by the works of other artists such as Siouxsie and the Banshees, Kate Bush, Lana Del Rey, PJ Harvey and Bauhaus. In an effort to define herself, Bennett became a notable alternative goth musician to be reckoned. Mentored by Pete Murphy’s collaborator Paul Statham, Bennett released 3 tracks in 2021 – Hell Couldn’t Keep Me, Heavy Hand, and Highway Boys – all of which brought her plenty of accolades and a burst of admiring fans.

Despite having some setbacks in her personal life including dealing with depression that sent her to a psychiatric facility for some time, Bennett has emerged as a rising star. With Fabulous Creature, she has proven that she is a fearless warrior. With a keen ability to tap into the darkness of her mind, Bennett has shown the best of herself to the world.

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