Armed With A Powerful & Evocative Voice, Agent Envy Impresses ‘No Friend’

Agent EnvyAgent Envy / Publicity photo

I was hooked from the emphatic opening beat and the infectious guitar. Then, when you add in the sultry and low-toned vocal delivery of Agent Envy, and I find myself fully immersed in this remarkable experience. Make no mistake, as that is what it is. Listening to Agent Envy is an experience in every sense of the word. Her voice is one that’s armed with the capabilities of sending shivers down your spine and it does so in spades. It is so powerful as it traverses between the low-tones and up to the higher octaves. It’s a thing of beauty to put it simply.

This is my first introduction to this unique group, but it seems their sound can lend itself to a myriad of settings. I could see them captivating an intimate audience in a small nightclub venue that’s full of smoke from a fog machine, and flickering lights with a bluish hue, or I could see her belting out her notes as they fill an arena with a sea of lighters (or nowadays phone lights) waving back and forth in the audience. I go through the annals of music history, and I find Agent Envy has a sound that reminds me of mid 90’s alternative, which make no mistake, is a good thing.

One thing that I really popped for was towards the end of ‘No Friend’ when they layered in a powerfully melodic guitar solo. I am a big fan of guitar solos, and when they are done right, they are the “chef’s kiss”. Back to the vocals though, Agent Envy has a vast range that pulls your mind in ways you didn’t know it could go. You find yourself mesmerized by her voice, and almost on its own your body just moves as you feel every note coursing through. I foresee the sky being the limits for Agent Envy and look forward to whatever they bring to the table next.

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