Armed With Embarrassment Of Riches JP Carroll Gifts The World ARRAYS Along With A Bombastic Single ‘Obsidian Oceans’

Don’t allow the headline to be misleading. Trust when I say there is NOTHING embarrassing about JP Carroll and his musical abilities. It’s just that he has such a bounty of them that it almost seems unfair to the rest of us mere mortals. It’s poetic that this project is called ARRAYS because he has a vastness of skills that combine to make this majestic musical output. You hear all the different components in this piece of art, and in your mind’s eye you see a full backing band complementing each other only to find out all of these sounds are emanating from one lone genius.

JP’s musicality is on full display in this powerful cut ‘Obsidian Oceans’. From the eruptive opening drumbeat, to the through line of engaging guitar riffs, to his full display of vocal range. His voice expertly travels from easily digestible melodic rock to the more hard-edged guttural scream one usually attributes to the hardcore and punk genres. JP has structured this song to masterfully that he guides the audience throughout the musical landscape that he has created with this song. He knows how to draw us in with relatable lyrics before pounding our heads with the “nastier” guitar riffs and notes.

Arrays Obsidian OceansPhoto by Chris Morgan

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It takes a musician of a particular caliber to successfully put out music of this sort all on their own. With ARRAYS ‘Obsidian Oceans’ JP Carroll has proven himself to be a true to form walking and talking production studio. He has created a masterful piece of music that will live or die squarely on his shoulders. That takes an artist of great skill with the confidence to match to pull off such a feat. JP has done that in spades with this output. ARRAYS ‘Obsidian Oceans’ has earned and deserves a place on all our collective playlists.

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