Arrays Unleashes Both Barrels And A Complete Arsenal Of Talent With The Full Length ‘Patience Way’

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I’ve had the distinctive pleasure of reviewing Arrays prior to this as I wrote about the first single ‘Obsidian Oceans’, which I undoubtedly love, so you can imagine the smile that grew across my face when I knew I had the opportunity to peel back the layers of Arrays as I gave a good listen to the full album. Well, to put it simply, they did not disappoint. In fact, JP Carroll came out swinging for the fences, and hit a grand slam. The range displayed on this remarkable album is unparalleled.

You can full the unbridled emotion amidst every lyric, every riff, and every drumbeat. It’s clear that like most around the world JP was hit hard by the Pandemic, and it shows throughout this album. The frustrations, the rage, the uncertainty that was ingrained over the past two years helped to inform this album. Through tragedy one can fuel the fire of creativity, and JP has done that in spades with his full-length Arrays album. There is an obvious storytelling element interwoven throughout this album. A thematic throughline which revolves around the hell that was 2020. It’s obvious that JP is the right storyteller to convey these messages, and we are lucky to have him as our personal narrator.

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Each song brings with it a unique energy that elevates the subject matter, and JP is the genius conductor that keeps this musical train on track. From the opening ‘Pictures’ through to the ‘Black Sheep’, being engrossed in JP’s rage over the Pandemic, and its effects is unavoidable. ‘Forget Fast’ in particular is a standout cut as it explores the uncertainty, we all feel coming out the other side of the Pandemic. This album is more than worthy of your attention, as it is cultivated In a way to serve as voice of the voiceless.

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