Ask Carol’s Full Length Debut Album Doesn’t Hold Back In Displaying Their Full Array Of Talent’s ‘AC I: Control You’

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I always find it invigorating when I can bare witness to the growth of an artist. See, I’ve had the pleasure of covering Ask Carol’s artistry prior to immersing myself into this amazing album. So, I’ve been privy to their growth in a sense. From their first couple of singles I’ve covered as they were just starting to put together this album. Upon listening to this I can see it’s been a hell of a journey.

To hear them explain the thought process behind this grand album, they say it’s that each song represents a different stage, different mental state and what not. I take those words in as I listen, and with that blueprint I can literally hear their growth from the opening track ‘Control You’ through to the album’s curtain call ‘Darkest Hour’. It’s night and day listening to the structures of these 18 different compositions. Then, to take into consideration that all these mesmerizing songs emulate from one band is impressive. To take it one level further, its near mind blowing when you realize the band is just two creative geniuses. That this music’s stunning genesis comes from these two minds. Wow.

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They say as an artist you lay it all on the line with what you are creating and Ask Carol has decidedly done just that. You hear the whirlwind of inner emotions these musicians felt as they crafted each of these entertaining pieces.  To take into consideration that this album was created mostly in solitude as they immersed themselves in their creation amidst homestead in her Norwegian mountain community makes the feat that much more impressive. The global Pandemic shut down a great many things in this world, but it’s clearly obvious while taking in this remarkable album, that it could not dampen the creativity residing in Ask Carol. They obviously put their pain on the page and committed to musical immortality.

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