Norwegian Duo Ask Carol Injects Cosmic And Trippy Vibes Into Social Commentary Masterpiece ‘Mountains Of Cash’

The 1% had better watch their backs as Ask Carol is taking aim at them and not pulling any punches. In their newest ‘Mountains Of Cash’ the duo from Norway makes no qualms about poking fun at the elite of this world who sit high atop their “mountains of cash” while all the rest of us are fighting for scraps. This is a song chock full of satire pointing out the differences between the “haves” and the “have nots”. It oozes with irony and makes for an overwhelmingly pleasurable listening experience.

The song starts with some intentional audio feedback from the amps before erupting into a instantly catchy guitar riff coupled with a thumping beat to draw in the audience. The lyrics then grab you and won’t let go as they touch on subject matter that WE ALL think about. How the elite of this world are really all up their “Mountains Of Cash” living comfortably while the rest live amongst the struggle. The lyrics that have been composed for this song are in fact thought provoking and can be seen as ones that would generate conversation, but Ask Carol presents them in such a fun way with their upbeat guitar riffing and drums that the audience will allow the words to resonate later. Long after they’ve left the venue. Ask Carol gives off a healthy Jam band vibe, so I would assume they are a hell of an act to witness live.

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Now as for the video it’s genius in its simplicity. They are singing about a “Mountain Of Cash” while literally performing on top of a mountain. The imagery of the beautiful natural landscape behind them juxtaposes with their lyrical content, and that is what will stick to the bones of the viewers. Enough that they’ll want to invest time into taking in the rest of Ask Carol’s catalogue. Suffice to say they will not be disappointed as Ask Carol seems like the type of band that will be releasing energized bangers for years to come.

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