Norwegian Duo Ask Carol Emphatically Smacks In The Face With Latest ‘Pressure’s On’

Ask CarolAsk Carol / Publicity photo

From the opening static infused guitar riffs coupled with Carol’s throaty vocals, the intro to ‘Pressure’s On’ grabs a hold of you and won’t let go. Then as the drums slowly build to an eruptively pace-setting crescendo you find yourself fully invested in the world created so artistically by Ask Carol. Now, I’ve written about this dynamic duo before with ‘Mountains Of Cash’, so I felt I knew what I was getting myself into, but I found this to be much more polished and fast-paced. That obviously could be boiled down to a creative decision on the band’s part, but it works, nonetheless.

‘Ask Carol’ is coming out and they’re coming out strong with their brand of music. Not asking permission or apologizing for what they are doing. They are just doing it. That takes an immense amount of bravery. To put one’s artwork out into the world and say, “This is me”. They are doing just that with a giant exclamation point at the end. ‘Pressure’s On’ is Ask Carol’s anthemic statement song to the world. They are planting their flag atop the mountain of music already available to the world and saying, “now check this out”. I’m here for it.

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Carol’s vocal range fits perfectly with the stylistic structuring of the music they are creating. She has an intensity that is befitting the alt-rock feel of ‘Ask Carol’, and the energized guitar riffs plus the pulsating drums all combine for this masterful song. It’s one that as an audience member you can’t help but feel yourself overcome with a surge of pulsating energy as you are engrossed into what you’re hearing. The music ‘Ask Carol’ is putting out is refreshing, and I feel is much needed. It gives us a sense of empowerment as we want to be on this musical journey with ‘Ask Carol’. I look forward to their full album of goodies.

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