At Long Last, After Giving Fans Appetizers Of Hard Knocking Singles, Mother Vulture Unleashes A Full Feast Of Metal To Electrify Audiences ‘Mother Knows Best’

Mother Vulture Mother Knows Best (Original Album)

I believe the phrase is “third times the charm”, and in the case of Mother Vulture that rings especially true. I say that to say this is the third time I’ve covered this amazing band. That’s not to say the first two times I covered them weren’t memorable, it’s just now I get the full effect of their stellar album. Woah baby, they come out the gates fully charged sounding like a hybrid of punk and 60’s surf rock with ‘Fame or Shame’. From there on in the album only progresses to greater heights to tantalize audiences.

This album is a cacophony of mesmerizing music. The band has shown that have a deep well of talents to draw from as they invade our eardrums with a multitude of styles. From anthemic jams to rattle our brains like ‘Rabbit Hole’ that is chock full of harmonious lyrics and battering drums to drive the song forward plus gnarly guitar riffs. There is no shortage of those throughout this album if I’m being honest. Just when you thought you’ve heard the album crescendo, you are brought to another level of enjoyability with another amazing song.

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The high-octane energy of songs like ‘Mr. Jones’ or ‘Put Me Down’ not only drive home the message that Mother Vulture is a bada** band that is here to stay and is planting their flag squarely in the center of the musical landscape that’s laid out, but that they also are coming armed with an abundance of talent to backup their deserved bravado. These guys are rock & roll, or punk, or metal. Hell, they are all those things and none of those things. I once equated Mother Vulture’s sound to Buckcherry, but after hearing their full album and bearing witness to all they have to offer, I find myself struggling to compare them to anybody. I think they are unique and bring tons to the table.

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