Scathing Social Commentary Shrouded In Poppy 60’s Inspired Musical Aesthetic With Aza Brown’s Latest ‘For Real?’

Aza BrownPhoto by Polly Clements

From the opening chords of Aza Brown’s latest offering ‘For Real?’ you know you have stumbled onto something special. It is a unique experience when you’re able to have a good time yet still come away from it having learned something. Aza Brown skillfully intertwines his commentary on the current state of society with a sound reminiscent of The Beatles. It’s poppy and upbeat intoxicating guitar riffs and fast paced drumbeats. It’s a testament to how far society as a whole has fallen that Aza Brown has to mask his much needed commentary in a upbeat pop song package.

The question mark stands defiantly imposing at the end of his songs title almost defiantly as a way to force the audience to question how much this song relates to themselves. To look inside themselves and see if they are who Aza is talking about. It’s a good thing when a piece of art, an amazing song in this case, causes you to question yourself. It gives you a deeper connection to the piece. If that’s the case, then there are few finer pieces of music that one would want to be connected to.


Aza is not merely pointing out the masses who are trapped in the literal rat race but is instead offering a sense of hope for those same masses to free their minds and save themselves. That is a thing of beauty. For an artist like Aza to not just sit up on a high horse judging but instead offering a hand to pull up the masses out of their mundane trappings, well that is remarkable. This song itself is a beautiful juxtaposition where Aza imbues his trademark upbeat harmonies and puts them at odds with this jarring subject matter.


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