BAR II have released their second EP ‘HOW I FAKE IT’

Alternative rock band BAR II from Brussels, Belgium are back with two catchy tracks in their second EP ‘HOW I FAKE IT’ that will make you fall in love and leave you wanting more.

These appetizing rhythms that instantly grab your attention, together with catchy melodies and guitar work, are some of the elements that makes BAR II very likable. I’m telling you, when life gives you these lemons, you should probably take them. This is a truly powerful duo. I’m also a big fan of not knowing and mysteries, and in this case, BAR II doesn’t reveal too much about themselves or focus on imagery. In this day and age artists are being told that you have to do this and that, be this superhuman who’s flawless, without limits, and never has a bad day.

BAR IIBAR II / Publicity photo

This band is focusing on one thing that’s real—putting all of their energy in making sweet, pure, and raw quality rock music straight from the heart. I believe that most of us will be motivated by this fact and change the way we look at things, or at the very least, take a moment to think about it.

Listen to ‘HOW I FAKE IT’ on Spotify

You can start with their debut EP, “Wake Up”, from 2020 and the single, “Let You Down”, which was released a year later to discover that the entire BAR II catalog is nothing but pure pleasure to listen to on your loudspeakers. If you haven’t already, hit the play button to receive instantaneous satisfaction. Keep an eye out for updates!

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