BEES! Release A Hard-Hitting Track ‘Sorry’ + A Video Game Featuring Fan Art

beesIG: @mrmphotographer

BEES! is an alternative rock / punk band from Philadelphia, PA, and they’re gifting the world with a new single ‘Sorry’, AND a video game titled BEES in Space.

‘Sorry’ is a single from BEES! forthcoming four-track EP, “BEES! in Space” and this is a band that stands out on a lot of different levels. It’s a touch of goofy, but in the best possible manner and skill. It’s truly energetic music that every headbanger, every rock lover will adore. You’ll hear some tight, intense guitar riffs, beautifully done vocals, and synth melodies that seem like they’re straight out of an old video game.

Listen to ‘Sorry’ on Spotify

Speaking of video games, in addition to the single release of ‘Sorry’, they have also made available a video game BEES in Space featuring fan art, which is the band’s own version of the 1990s Nintendo classic Super Mario World. To play it, visit the band’s website and go to game section. The game also features original music by BEES!, and if you’re a skilled player, and can defeat the queen bee, you’ll unlock early access to the rest of the new EP.

The band members include Mike Huff, Adam Sivilich and currently featuring Jason Gooch on drums. They are also a part of the multinational musicians collective FTA. To record the upcoming EP, the band returned to Cardinal Recordings, where their previous singles “Life Coach” and “We Don’t Wander” were produced. The upcoming EP will include new song “A Thousand Times” on human tendency to believe misinformation, a live-show fan favorite “1×1” and a chiptune track that riffs on video game sounds.

BEES! come up with creative methods to surprise their fans and deliver their music in a fun and engaging fashion. With new music on the way, this band is one to keep an eye on.

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