Belle & The Vertigo Waves Provide An Authentically Metal Album That Hits Hard Between The Eyes ‘Lorelai’

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From the opening of ‘Pilot’, I felt as if I had fallen for the bait and switch. I was handed this album that was pitched as metal. Read their bio and saw their influences. I figured I needed to strap in as I was about to get smacked in the face by a freight train of metal goodness. I press play and instead of what I expected, I instead am treated to some beautifully crafted atmospheric soundscapes that would feel right at home amidst a movie score. Then, woah baby, ‘Beat Me To The Punch’ kicks in and I hadn’t braced myself for so I was walloped by the aforementioned metal goodness. There was no bait and switch. This is a f’n phenomenal album.

The downright dirty guitar riffs. Those riffs that are so good and grimy that you’re unsure you should even be listening to them. Or the epic solos which are just the ‘chef’s kiss’. This album is full of them. John Loux is such a masterful musician that knows how to get his instrument to emit the perfect sounds for each track. Along with Zach Nielsen there are plenty of guitar licks provided to send a surge of energy up the spines of audience members. Elliot Holt is maniacal behind the drum kit as he absolutely batters our eardrums with his insanely infectious rhythms. Jeremiah Scott’s bassline is an ever-present joy to listen to. An undeniably important cog to the wheel that is Belle & The Vertigo.

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Belle Loux as a vocalist is in a category all her own. Her voice is so beautifully fitting for this music and her range is remarkable. Her voice reminds me a bit of Gwen Stefani or Annie Lennox. She has that same low tone that is befitting this brand of majestic music. This album will grab and shake you violently with its high-octane energy of ‘Beat Me To The Punch’, or soothe you with the piano driven melody of ‘Lorelai’ before it rattles you back awake with a track like ‘Love In Remission’. There are really so many musical treats packed within this musical gift that you’d be doing yourself a great disservice to NOT go out of your way to listen to this. So, in short, do yourself a favor and open your ears to ‘Lorelai’.


Love In Remission (Music Video)

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