Bellhop release a witchy new single ‘Alone’

avenged sevenfoldPhoto by Jodie Kirkland

Melbourne-based garage rock duo Bellhop, now signed to Squinked Records, draws you into a ritual chant with their latest release ‘Alone’. Let’s call it a witchy song since listening to it makes you feel a little hypnotized.

Bellhop’s newest ‘Alone’, which begins quietly with barely touching guitar strings, grows into a bulldozer, the driver of which is isolation. This is a period of uncertainty for many people, as well as the beginning of a new era, but it all comes at a price. ‘Alone’ is a scream you want to let out after being isolated for a lengthy period of time, being lonely and feeling like all the real human connection is gone, and it’s tough to imagine your future due to uncertainty.

‘Alone’ definitely deserves to be a soundtrack in a suspenseful movie. This song is very giving in creating a scene and imagining things in your mind. Music is not just a fantasy, it is very real if you feel it.

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For those who don’t know, Bellhop is a brother and sister duo, a powerful one, obviously. They’ve come to kick some a$$. It is Bella Watson who brings all the groove on drums, while Harry Watson provides ripping guitar riffs, passionate and straight-up forceful screaming vocal delivery. It’s inspiring to see a family doing great things together, they serve as a model for others to follow. It’s how it should be.

This project is asking for creative music videos, and I’m sure Bella and Harry Watson have something in mind. Stay tuned for updates and don’t miss out on seeing them live!

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