Between The Echoes release video for anthemic new single ‘Phantom Limb’

Columbus, Ohio-based Between The Echoes charge forward with a new music video for the second single ‘Phantom limb’ featuring Anberlin’s Stephen Christian on vocals, and announce their debut album.

We all have demons in our heads or experiences from our past that come in the way of life. In its essence, this song is about you being in control of your life. The video for ‘Phantom limb’ directed by Jake Bonham depicts a dark passenger haunting you relentlessly and pulling you into the dark corners of your subconscious mind as you fight to avoid becoming its victim. This is only the beginning of something bigger for Between The Echoes. Two more songs and videos will be released soon, and the full-length album ‘Awake While Dreaming’ is coming in October 2022.

Between The Echoes'Phantom Limb' art / Between The Echoes

Listen to ‘Phantom Limb’ on Spotify

Between The Echoes is a powerful alternative rock three-piece group created by Chad William, Katie Jean, and Marvin Albert, blending together both light and dark elements in their sound. ‘Phantom Limb’ features big guitars with hard-hitting drums, and many listeners will see right away that it’s essential for them to develop memorable songs with heartfelt choruses. They are pretty good at it, and it may create opportunities for them to break through the surface and be embraced by larger audiences. It’s only their second release, but I’m sure it’s only the beginning of what Between The Echoes has in store. Keep an eye out for updates!

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