BIRDEATSBABY Unearths Their Newest Gothic And Otherworldly Opus ‘Ribbons’

From the opening notes of this darkly evocative song, you know you’re about to be transferred to another world that’s someplace special. A world which allows your mind to expand past the boundaries that are normally in place and restricting you. Once the beautifully composed visuals came into the fold my initial reactions seem to be hitting the nail on the head. According to the immensely talented lead singer Mishkin Fitzgerald this song is in fact about restrictions that spawn from the choices you make in life.

Hearing Birdeatsbaby in all their glory triumphantly expound on Mishkin’s concept allowed my mind to travel past those restrictions. I was able to dig into the past recesses of my mind and regain the same energized feeling I had upon first hearing the gothic and industrial anthems of NIN. Now I know it’s a different genre of music and my comparison lies just with the “feeling” I got from ingesting the Ribbons video and that my opinion is my own and should in no way be considered “gospel truth”, but to equate Birdseatbaby to NIN is a pretty apt if you ask me.

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Mishkin’s voice coupled with her cinematic and heavy lyrics are fittingly on full display in the mesmerizing music video that accompanies the song. Garry Mitchell’s guitar riffs offer up the perfect amount of aggression to complement the lyrical outpouring of Mishkin. The song is so expertly layered that is perfect concoction of sounds. From Anna Mylee’s masterfully progressive rhythms as well as Hana Piranha’s layers of cello and harp. All these perfect pieces have combined to make wonderful music for the ages. Watching the band tied up and suspended in mid air in beautiful black and white with the right amount of grain is impactful. I’d like to circle back around to my earlier comparison to NIN. Part of it might stem from Scott Chalmers’ exquisite video reminding me of David Finchers’ NIN videos in the 90’s.

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