Black Borrachero has released a new post-grunge piece titled ‘Idle Time’

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Black Borrachero is a post-grunge band from Glasgow, United Kingdom, and they’re releasing a new tune which reminds us that our minds need Idle Time.

Nick Fisher, the singer and guitarist, formed Black Borrachero after fleeing his hometown of Milton Keynes in pursuit of the Glasgow music scene. He formed the three-piece post-grunge act after meeting drummer Chris Goldie and bassist Nicholas Traill.

The band’s latest single “Idle Time” is one of those songs that jumps right in and gets straight to the point. It’s not the chorus this time; instead, Nick sings the verse with his smooth vocal tone, which is ideally suited to the music. A nice guitar chord and bass progression is featured in the song, which is accompanied by big live-sounding drums. While this song is primarily grunge rock, it also incorporates heavier parts and some progressive elements, making Black Borrachero a post-grunge band.

Black Borrachero© Brendan L Waters

Black Borrachero’s latest single was recorded in the band’s own studio and mixed by Chris Goldie and Nick Fisher, both of whom are sound engineers.

The song is about the fact that the mind needs Idle Time, in order to be creative. All too often these days we fear boredom and find a quick fix. This is dangerous for the imagination. Be bored. Be alone. Deal with it. Think.

If you listen to “Idle Time” while looking out the window, you might just have the ideal setting for daydreaming.

and see 5 Questions with Nick Fisher below.

5 Questions with Nick Fisher - Black Borrachero - RED Rock Magazine

What’s the weirdest dream you ever had?

Nick: “I had a dream once that I was eating a GIANT marshmallow. When I woke up……. my pillow was gone. If you know who originally came up with that joke you get 10 points.

Please send your answers in on a stamped address envelope to:
The Pentagon

What is your biggest goal for this year?

Nick: “I don’t really believe in setting big goals. I believe in setting lots of little goals as they’re easier to achieve. I haven’t set any of those either. I’m living in a goal-less world, buffeting around on the winds of hope, luck, a wink and a smile. It’s worked so far. The Universe will decide when she’s good and ready!”

What’s your favorite book or movie?

Nick: “My favourite book is ‘Things The Grandchildren Should Know’ by Mark Oliver Everett of The Eels. I class it as the book that got me back into reading. That man went
through so much tragedy, nearly everyone around him died, family and friends. And yet he soldiered on with his music, which probably saved his own life at points,
travelled across America, handed in demo tapes, and made it. He remained so grounded after success, and wouldn’t compromise anything about his music, which I always admire. There’s one particular story he recounts when he’s on a late-night American TV show, and Jon legend tells him to put out his cigarette, and he basically tells him to fuck off. Love it. Movie. Spirited Away. Studio Ghibli.”

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items that are not electronic or automatic would you take with you to survive?

Nick: “A guitar for music, a titanium spear for fishing, and a swing set for fun. Or maybe a trampoline. Then I could bounce up and grab them coconuts off the customary desert island tree. Easier than climbing it, and fun at the same time.”

What is the coolest animal in the wild?

Nick: “It’s clearly a tie between the Red Panda and a Dolphin. I mean Dolphins are the only other mammals that shag for pleasure, so I’m already on board with that, but I could live in
a house with a thousand Red Pandas and I’d be ecstatically happy forever. So, I don’t really know, hmmmmm. Well, I can’t breathe in underwater so let’s go with the
Panda. Ahh maaan, but what about Orangutans though.



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