Blackwaters unleash their new single ‘In The Sun’

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Blackwaters return with a new anthemic single, ‘In The Sun’, the first release since debut album ‘Something Good Lost In Time’, addressing subjects that reflect on the way we live, the state of the planet, and where it leads us.

Blackwaters’ latest single ‘In The Sun’ opens with an upbeat rhythm, relentless guitars and a very sunny mood, but the message of the song itself encapsulates something quite opposite — the current state of the planet, which is far from the best. If today was the end of the world, I’d rather spend it with positive music playing in the background, and it’s nothing but a good time while listening to this track. But let us all hope that the citizens of the world will put aside their differences, work for a brighter future for all, and stand for peace.

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Blackwaters share their thoughts on the song:

““Where will we land? In the sun” it’s primarily about the state of this planet, the issues we can’t change but want to, the help we’d love to lend to others and the endless spiral our country is heading towards, eventually we’ll land in the sun. I hate to be so dreary but it really is how I feel about the state of things these days. It’s important to stay positive though, the people will always win, it just doesn’t feel like it these days. I like the juxtaposition in the song as it seems like a really jolly good time tune, which it certainly is musically, but lyrically it was written to address something really quite worrying – the way everything’s heading – makes us all feel unsteady. Where will we land?”

As always, we will get somewhere, but for now we’re still blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy fresh and quality rock music, as provided by the band Blackwaters. Already receiving significant industry support from important tastemakers such as Steve Lamacq, Jack Saunders, and John Kennedy, they don’t aim to be just relevant, they aim higher and want to squeeze the juice out of this lemon even when it seems impossible. I’m confident that when it comes to music, especially rock music, this engine will run for as long as bands like Blackwaters exist. Because here we have again — another top-notch production with beautifully done, and meaningful songwriting.

There’s plenty of opportunity to experience Blackwaters performing live in August and throughout September around the UK. Keep an eye out for updates and get your tickets!

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