Blasting Heavily Through Your Speakers With A Rough And Raw Sound Comes Dying Habit’s Newest ‘Directions’

Dying Habit

The hardness of this track reminds me of that gritty DIY sound that’s akin to underground punk music from the 80’s. That music you’d see performed with great fervency in a makeshift concert venue that doubles as the basement of your buddy’s house. With Christmas lights strewn across the ceiling and cigarette burns patchworking the beer-soaked carpet. Those were the days. Back when you could see the genesis of a band readying itself to soar to worldwide heights. You can say that you were there before anybody else. Dying habit just happens to be that good of a band that I could see them bursting through any ceiling placed upon their career.

The subject matter for ‘Directions’ is no easy subject to tackle either. Toxic relationships. No two words strike as much of an uneasy feeling in people as those do. You either want to avoid them at all costs, or to find a way out of them if you’re stuck on the inside. How they have the destructive nature about them that turns whatever they touch into sh*t. They have the ability to turn what was once beautiful into hate and despair.

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Nath Jones brings a powerful message with his voice that is full of brooding emotion. His lyrical display is in full showmanship form with ‘Directions’. Then you usher in Mark Jones’ thumping rhythm section that drives the song with remarkable riffs courtesy of Alan Hart coupled with the addition of Dan Garner’s top of the line bass and you have a perfect storm of musicianship. This quartet gel together so perfectly that you’d figure they’d been together for decades, when in actuality they’ve only been working together for 4 years. They are unmistakably on the upswing, so it’d serve you best to invest time into picking up what they are laying down.

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