Brass Camel Presents A Trippy And Engaging Psychedelic For The Ages ‘Brass’

Brass CamelPhoto by Nikki D'Amato

When this album was first presented to me to write about, I was hooked before pressing play. Glengarry Glen Ross is one of my favorite films, and to see Brass Camel’s album cover adorned with the iconic “brass balls” scene I was into it immediately. Then, like when you discover a gift within a gift, I had my mind blown upon listening to this mesmerizing album. It’s so far out there that your mind becomes awash, and you feel as if you are dreaming. From the opening song ‘First Contact’ I felt as if I had fallen into a time warp back to the late 70’s/early 80’s.

Thus, my journey with Brass Camel had commenced. As soon as ‘Dinger’s In The Back’ hits I knew this would be quite the memorable trip. It had that funky rock groove where you imagined the front man swaying like a serpent on stage as they capture the audience in the palm of their hands. The beauty of this album is Brass Camel’s ability to traverse seamlessly through myriad soundscapes. They never lose the audience as they perform perfectly as conductors on this musical train ride of engaging sounds.

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Daniel Sveinson’s lyrical range is on full display across the terrain of this album. He is able to conquer the slower bluesy and funky narrative style of ‘I’ve Got The Fox’ just as easily as hitting the high notes in the more melodic ’King For A Day’Curtis Arsenault does a stellar job of providing the ‘chef’s kiss’ of a bassline throughout as well as providing immaculate backing vocals. Then you have the thumping percussion provided by Wyatt Gilson to drive home the emphatic nature of the songs. This Vancouver based triad of musical masterminds have crafted an album that will without failure stand the test of time, and you’d regret it if you didn’t grant it a thorough listening.


Pressure Cooker (Live at the Massey Theatre)

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