Brett Copeland’s “Cure For Me” Taps Into Relatable Mental Disorders

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Mental disorders are vast and varied in today’s climate, and Brett Copeland’s rough and tough new track “Cure For Me” delves head first into that conversation. Brett’s story telling ability not only addresses these increasingly problematic issues, but also sheds light on what many consider the root causes of said issues. He even shed light on the thought process behind the cover art. Revealing it to be his dentist’s photo of his fractured tooth he got from grinding his teeth in his sleep, which incidentally was caused by Pandemic induced stress.

His song starts out intentionally slow and sluggish drawing the audience into a false sense of calmness, before the drums pick up the pace and we are thrust into a more erratic and intensified vibe. This push pull effect mirrors what the disorders spoken about in the lyrics actually do. They give a feeling of disorientation, that invigorates the listeners as they go on this musical journey with Copeland.

Audiences are sure to connect with this enthralling track as its subject matter has mass appeal and is extremely relatable. Copeland touches on peoples over reliance to their phones, computers and social media, which is coupled with an impending sense of doom due to ongoing negative news cycles filling their heads with dread. As stated earlier, this song is relatable especially in the current climate, so the long-lasting effects of the Pandemic can be heard with every infectious guitar riff, drum beat and lyric uttered.

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“Cure For Me” was completely produced by the dual creative minds of Brett Copeland and Philip Paulsen, and it was recorded remotely between LA and Joshua Tree. This is Brett’s first time recording the bass guitar, electric guitar and vocals himself. This tactic has given the sound a refreshingly unpolished air to it. It’s very reminiscent of a sound one would attribute to a sleazy southern roadside band which is very raw, gritty and unpolished. The end result will bring your ears true joy.


and see 5 Questions with Brett Copeland below.

5 Questions with Brett Copeland - RED Rock Magazine

Do you read the news first thing in the morning or try to avoid politics?

Brett: “I used to read the news in the morning and throughout the day. I stopped reading the news completely and it has been amazing. I also focus on spending my mornings absorbing myself in positive activities that enlighten rather than fuel the fire of fear or negative thinking.”

What keeps you going during really difficult times?

Brett: “I stay on top of monitoring what I am thinking and making sure I don’t let negative thoughts in my mind. I stay on top of my physical health, and a healthy diet. I don’t watch tv or movies, and if I do watch movies I don’t watch anything with violence or horror or drama – I stick to light stuff – cartoons, sci-fi fantasy, fun stuff. I also read a lot of books, and – of course, my wife helps me remember to “stay in the light”. I am blessed – so there’s not a lot to be depressed about. Things could always be much worse so I embrace a mindset of gratitude at all times.”

What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve done in your life?

Brett: “LOL. Too many things to mention. My life is one giant, radical spontaneous reaction.”

What’s the weirdest dream you ever had?

Brett: “All of my dreams are weird. Life is a dream. It’s all weird lol”

What was the defining moment in your life that made you a rock musician?

Brett: “I was born with this in me. Since I can remember I have been singing alone or in front of my friend, family, church choirs, school plays, etc. It’s in my DNA – when I was born (with a full head of curly hair) the doctor said, “Looks like we have a rockstar on our hands”. The rest is history.”



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