Magnificent Hybrid Of Multiple Styles Converge To Make Musical Magic In ‘Follow’ EP by Broken Castles

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As I immerse myself in this head pounding album, I am awash with grimy feelings. Not in a bad way though. I’m talking that good grimy, that grittiness you feel when you’re keen to something new before it’s tarnished by being oversaturated by the mainstream. Broken Castles are awesome. I dig what they are laying down, and can vibe out to this bombastic EP. From the brain battering drums to the gnarly and guttural guitar riffs. Those riffs that you feel in your blood as it courses through your veins, and the lyrics that ooze with an abundance of attitude.

You hear the lyrics being shouted out, and in your minds eye they are all coming from a snarled mouth. One that couldn’t be bothered. That’s the type of attitude I’m talking about. That’s the type of attitude that you need to emphasize this music. Ben Suttey has that in spades and then some. He epitomizes the front man. His vocal range is on full display amidst this 4 track EP. Delivering lyrics with influences ranging from punk to rock to grunge and blues. This man can do it all, and you hear it in his voice. It’s safe to say this EP is just scratching the surface of what this trio has to offer.

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Now one can’t discuss this bad*ss trifecta without discussing all the parts. Graham Hulbert’s stellar work behind the drumkit serves as a steadfast driving force for this musical offering, and Dan Gibling’s meticulous riffs add the right amount of energy that surges throughout each of the tracks. His chords teeter between guttural and nasty as they help plant the attitude flag that Broken Castle’s expertly holds high atop the rock mountaintop. I eagerly look forward to whatever this power trio has coming next.

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