Broken Empire Triumphantly Dissolves Chasm Between Heavy Metal And Rock With Their Heart Pounding Single ‘Disguise’

Broken EmpireBroken Empire / Publicity photo

Get ready to have your socks blown off and your mind exploded as Broken Empire gives, nay UNLEASHES their hitting new song, which is rife with skull pounding drums, hard edged guitar riffs, and a gritty bass line. This is all topped of with Leuan Owen’s intoxicating vocal range and story telling ability. This is a song that smacks you in the face with ice cold water as it reminds you that you’re alive. It steamrolls right for you like a 2 ton truck without a driver. Needless to say you’re about to get, and hit bloody hard.

Through every note of this engrossing and thought-provoking track you feel as if you are being refreshingly introduced to something new, yet still aware of where this new sound has drawn its inspirations from. That knowledge forms an instinctual bond between yourself and the band as those inspirations are music stalwarts like Metallica and Five Finger Death Punch, whom you are already a fan of. Prepare to place Broken Empire into that very same category as they will assuredly feel at home in your “favorites” catalog. This band expertly meshes a multitude of musical genres which they have cultivated into their own sound.


Broken Empire comes from combining a slew of talented musicians like the aforementioned Owen, Marco Arena (Bass), Matt Stevens (lead guitar) and Ricky Hill (drums), who all serve as their own special ingredients that combine to form the feast that is Broken Empire. I say feast because this song and the band itself will leave you satisfied and will stick to your bones long after you’ve excused yourself from the table. Whereas, conversely you will find yourself unsatiated and unsatisfied if you do not take dig into the feast that Broken Empire is offering you.

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