Broken Romeo Comes Charging In With Good Ol’ A** Kicking Rock & Roll ‘Wait For Me’

Broken Romeo

If you’ve been missing some rough and tough kick you in the b**ls rock music, then allow your ears to open wide and let in Broken Romeo for they are your saviors. This is that group that you never knew you needed in your life but are assuredly greatful upon their arrival. That group that you should be embarrassed having not heard of them before as you save face exclaiming you are an ‘old hat’ with their extensive catalogue of bad**s music.. Eh, maybe that’s describing me, as I’m embarrassed to say I’m a newbie when it comes to Broken Romeo. No more though, that’s for sure.

‘Wait For me’ is intensely powerful song that is driven by those gnarly guitar chords that get your blood pumping. Those riffs that boil your adrenaline. You feel charged hearing them, and Steve Turpin is the wizard that is guiding you with his majestic rhythms. They are such a big driving force within this song, that it amazes that they don’t overshadow the other key components of this stellar song. James Turpin, who is no slouch himself with his mastery of the guitar, engages with intense lyrical delivery narrating the intense themes of infidelity and addiction leading to the implosion of a marriage. Heavy subject matter to say the least.

Broken RomeoBroken Romeo / Publicity photo

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Ari Sloane provides an engaging bass line throughout this top-notch piece that helps drive the message home, and as no good piece of art would be complete without the finishing touches, well therein lies the incomparable Matt Ringell behind the drumkit laying down the emphatic beat to help hammer this song home. All these uber talented men have combined to create a time-tested song that could arguably be adored for generations to come. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must remedy the mistake I’ve made of not being aware of Broken Romeo prior to this article. I’m going to go take the deepest of dives into their back catalogue if you will.

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