Bursting Wonderland Unleashes A Refreshing Sound Reminiscent Of Musical Greats From Yesteryear With Newest Track ‘Summer’s End’

Upon my introduction to ‘Summer’s End’ I felt as if Doc Brown had pulled up in the DeLorean and whisked me back in time to the Golden Years of music. That’s not to say what comes out currently is of lesser quality, just that when you hear a stellar band like Bursting Wonderland come out with a song that not only shows respect to the past, but even holds it high above their heads as they champion those that influenced them.

They’ve said that their sound is influenced by 90’s grunge and hard rock, as well 70’s rock. Well, you most definitely can hear that influence lovingly amidst every note of this song. Ania Chmielewska’s voice is so soulful and evocative that you find yourself in almost a catatonic state as you stand mesmerized by her vocal abilities. Mimmo Ripa, her partner in crime, takes hold of the reigns as he manages the rest of the musical needs including his amazing guitar and bass play. He’s a talent that stands high above his musical peers. That talent comes from his decade plus time that he’s put into his craft as he played throughout Ireland and Italy.

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Ania, who is no newbie in her own right, as she has honed her own vocal skills during her years of yearning to get an album produced. ‘Summer’s End’ is the embodiment of stars colliding. I say that because both Ania and Mimmo are stars that have collided with each other and from the ashes comes a magnificent outpouring of music. The music video for ‘Summer’s End’ is both beautifully shot and edited. It stands as the perfect visual representation to complement the amazing song writing behind this piece. Lastly, I was most pleasantly surprised to hear the mazing and engaging guitar solo in this song. Talk about bringing me back.

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