Caleb Caming & The Heat release new single ‘Trashy’

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Caleb Caming & The Heat is a New York-based alternative rock group founded by an ex-roadie who decided to commit himself to writing, singing, and performing music.

Caleb Caming has been working as a roadie to a rockabilly band in upstate New York which has toured a lot in the US and internationally. After gaining valuable experience with touring, performing blues, country and rock for several years, Caleb soon decided to form his own band. After meeting bassist Devlin McDermott and drummer Bryan Framhein, Caleb Caming & The Heat was formed.

Photos by Harrison Isaac

According to Caleb Caming, he once had very little interest in music, but it’s hard to believe because when you’re listening to “Live and Fully Alive!: Live at Rockwood Music Hall“, Caleb’s voice has a unique and bluesy tone to it, the band sounds great live, and that’s what sets this music apart from many. Even if he’s going for a more modern and aggressive sound, the previous blues experience helps, and he definitely should keep going this direction.

“Trashy” is an energetic and forward-moving song with an aggressive punk feel. Caleb also lets us know that the essence of the song is concerned with defying societal norms.

and see 5 Questions with Caleb below.

5 Questions with Caleb Caming - RED Rock MagazinePhoto by Harrison Isaac

What’s the weirdest dream you ever had?

Caleb: “I had a dream that I bought an army green car second hand. It slowly dawned on me that the car was once owned by Joseph Stalin. In this dream a friend told me that I had to get rid of it. We argued about the car. I felt I got a really good deal: It was well built, had a smooth ride and low mileage. That was the whole dream.”

What is something you think should be illegal?

Caleb: “Not responding to my fucking Email!”

What’s your favorite book or movie?

Caleb: “Hereditary, directed by Ari Aster. I’m not much of a horror movie buff but this film is genuinely terrifying and creepy. It was very artfully done and the acting was terrific.”

Does spending time with other people make you feel energized or drained?

Caleb: “It depends on who it is. Some people are just energy vampires.”

What are five things you can’t live without?

Caleb: “My telecaster. My leather jacket. Playing live. A salmon dish that I make every week. My morning cup of coffee.”


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