Carboard Boxer Bangs Out A Heavy As Hell Album That Speaks For A Lot Of Us ‘Current Youth’

Cardboard BoxerPhoto by Alex Celestial

What’s your 5-year plan? How about 10-year? I ask these questions because they are fresh in my mind after immersing myself in this phenomenal album by Cardboard Boxer. They say this outstanding album is spawned from the feeling of stagnation. The feeling of getting older and nothing changing. Those are concepts we can all relate to. Too many times we might have imagined ourselves further along in life at a certain point, but here we are doing the same thing we were a decade ago. Where does the time go?

I mean, we look in the mirror and our face looks older, maybe some more wrinkles or grey hair. You know, signs of aging, but we look at our present state and we are doing the same thing we have been doing for years. Cardboard Boxer touches on these subjects that, yes we can relate to, but it’s that ice cold water splashing in the face kind of awakening that most of us don’t want to acknowledge. That’s where Cardboard Boxer’s stellar creativity comes into play.

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Their music is so infectious and catchy that as audience members we are so entertained that we don’t feel bad thinking about the subject matters they are addressing. The fast-paced drumbeats mixed with the uproarious guitar riffs and the enticing vocals are more than enough to wow us all. You hear these tracks like ‘Going Nowhere’, Waste My Time’, and ‘Falling Fast’, and you realize there is a narrative throughline to this album, and you know what? You’re not mad at it. You are thoroughly engaged as you feel the amazing storytelling abilities of this Uber talented band. This is most definitely an album that you should add to your collection. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and educational is a perfect mixture.

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