Caroline Reilly Emerges As The Voice Of The Voiceless With Her Newest Release ‘Break The World’

Caroline ReillyCaroline Reilly / Publicity photo

Led by Caroline Reilly’s hypnotic and melodic voice ‘Break The World’ serves as an anthem for the multitude of people out there who feel as if they are unheard. She sounds off with anthemic flair lending her vocal gifts to this glorious track that is sure to please. This catchy and infectious pop punk jam hits all the right notes. Pun intended. She is telling her fans with this song that she is here for them, and she HEARS them.

Throughout the entirety of this stand out track you can hear where Caroline gathers her inspiration from and exactly where she puts it. It’s as if she has taken everything that helped form her musical tastes, put it in a blender, and out from the other side came her unique sound. The sound that she owns. This song has a ballsy energy to it that helps fortify it as being rebellious in its own right. This song is about power. Power that Caroline is bestowing upon her listeners. Power to take their lives into their own hands. Power to fight back against those who seek to oppress them. Whether it be bullying authority figures, abusive partners, or family members, or just anybody who is trying to hold you down.

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Caroline has masterfully maneuvered her way throughout this engrossing track with her powerful voice aided by catchy guitar riffs full of attitude and pulsating drumbeats. This song has formed into one that you’ll find yourself unconsciously singing along too. Long after the CD has ended, or you’ve left the venue where you were lucky enough to see her live, you will find yourself either humming the melody or signing the lyrics. This song sticks with you in the best possible way.

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