Centershift Erupts With An Anthemic Song That Knocks Hard With A 90’s Aesthetic ‘Fade Away’

CentershiftCentershift / Pulicity photo

Anybody that has read any of my reviews in the past knows how frequently I reference one of my favorite eras of music. The 90’s. It just hit harder for me. Every genre of music during that period holds a special place in my heart. From hip hop to grunge to alt-rock to garage rock and the list goes on. ‘Fade Away’ sounds as if somebody reached back into the annals of time, and yanked out this amazing song from the 90’s. The thing is though, this is a brand-new song and boy does it knock. It’s ironic that the song is called ‘Fade Away”, as it starts with a calm subtlety before growing to a rapturous crescendo.

Meticulously crafted with layers that send chills down the listeners’ spines. This song feels as if it could feel right at home amidst a myriad of 90’s movie soundtracks. I feel this a breath of fresh air sort of a song as it does a magnificent job of telling a heartfelt story of what it takes to break away from one’s addictions, and trying to get away from what’s controlling you. Freeing yourself and being reborn into sobriety. Damn, that’s some heavy subject matter to tackle, and ‘Centershift’ does it masterfully.

Jasan Radford has a voice that enthralls and inspires with some expert guitar riffs to match. His personal struggles with sobriety are the driving inspiration behind this opus. He’s backed by a magical construct of musicians at their best. With Ryan Shane Stuber adding his own killer guitar riffs and Ted Wenri complimenting the whole of the band with his infectious bass play, and lastly but certainly not least, the driving force behind this banger of a song is the talented Stefan Storace battering the drums throughout. Run, do not walk, to check out ‘Centershift’, as you will not be disappointed. Especially if ‘Fade Away’ is just a taste of what they have to offer.

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