Chucky Trading Co release a new single ‘What I Want’

Chucky Trading CoChucky Trading Co / Publicity photo

Chucky Trading Co, a Manhattan, Kansas-based folk rock band have released ‘What I Want’, their latest soulful single about a bitter breakup.

If you had a genuine connection with someone you cared about and are facing a breakup, there will be a period when everything comes crashing down before you can go on to the healing phase. ‘What I Want’ by Chucky Trading Co, is a song about a painful breakup that many people will relate to. In this song you will sense frustration, disappointment, and anger, as well as a wide range of other feelings that individuals experience when things go south in their lives. Although the pain may pass, we will never forget, but the good news is that musicians like Chucky Trading Co will continue to compose songs about life that we can relate to.

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Chucky Trading Co’s music is food for soul, with Laurel Canyon behind the steering wheel, creating new yet timeless folk rock tunes in collaboration with songwriter CS Taber and producer Everett Young. The entire production quality is excellent, ensuring that this music has a long life ahead of it. ‘What I Want’ has a flawless structure that you’ll want to listen to over and over since it flows as naturally as water. Chucky Trading Co will be known for its appealing lyrics and harmonies that pull on your heartstrings.

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