Church Mice Shaking Up the Scene with their EP ‘Flying’

Church MicePhoto by Whitney Michelle Cash

Detroit is the home to sonic guitars, crisp harmonies and indelible melodies; it’s a staple point of the Americana music style. Listeners far and wide pay close attention to the songs that come out of the Motor City for its unique music, with two individuals playing a key role in the Detroit sub-culture—guitarist Bill Solomonson and singer Christian Carver Thompson.

The two have accomplished a long laundry list of individual successes over the decades, contributing to Americana and dipping their toes into other genres. Bill and Christian had periodically made music together, starting from when they were 13 years old, then throughout high school and college. Both have picked up fresh experiences and honed their styles. Now, Bill and Christian have formed the band ‘Church Mice’ to bring in all their wisdom and influences into their songs to create something new & exciting in the genre that hasn’t been seen before.

‘Flying’ is their first EP where they have experimented with combining styles. Bill has taken inspiration from genres and bands such as SRV, The Beatles, Blues, Jazz and Bosanova. Whereas Christian has been inspired by U2, STP, Pink Floyd and Radiohead.

Bill influences the EP with a traditional Americana style that brings the music back to their roots, while Christian’s influence falls closely in line with the Sonic music genre that includes spacey guitars and contemplative lyrics. Christian was motivated to form the band with Bill after hearing the last notes sung by Chris Cornell before he shortly passed away. The lyrics of Chris’s final notes went ‘‘Life’s short—get back out there and rock!’’


While the 2020 pandemic was a challenge for many bands to create music, Church Mice had said the pandemic had the opposite effect since their band members would still play for other bands while returning with new ideas from their experiences. The band continues to be inspired by new ideas, with Christian recently rediscovering NRBQ and Bill focusing on Brazilian music. Keep up with the band and see what influences make it in their next songs by following them on social media.

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