Cinematic Music At Its Best With MADAME NEPTUNE’S Latest ‘The Ghost In Me’


Madame Neptune is back, and they are still bringing their “A” game with a fantastic cinematic feel. Anybody that knows me knows of my love for film. They know I’m essentially walking around all day with cinematic visions floating through my head. Sometimes I just need the right inspiration or “spark”, if you will, to get the ball rolling. Holy hell, MADAME NEPTUNE provides a glorious spark that conjures up images in my brain that definitely belong on biggest screen imaginable. The music that this mesmerizing duo from Germany are creating instantly lends itself to the visual medium. Reading up on their backstory, they even describe this song as “like Tim Burton having a female fronted rock band”. I can totally see that.

Listening to Liss Eulenherz’s backstory for this song I imagine this woman traveling through a fog-laden woodland backdrop by way of moonlight as she needs to deliver a message to a mysterious person cloaked in shadows. Anyway, that was just my initial reaction to the song. I’m sure if I had the chance to sit down with this enigmatic group, they would provide a much clearer story behind the song’s inspiration. I love that my mind will wander aimlessly until I discover the truth.

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Liss Eulenherz has a voice that is so infectious as it guides the listener through the soundscape that Urok is providing. The thunderous and ominous drums, the unsettling guitar riffs. I love what this band is putting out there as I see it being a beautiful mixture of psychedelic rock, a smattering of alt rock and a heaping spoonful of blues put in for good measure. I’ve stated that this band has a cinematic sound before, but I don’t think that does them justice. This duo’s music belongs on the big screen. Either scoring an epic feature film or having their original songs playing setting a cinematic tale’s mood. I’m on board for whatever they are bringing as their next course to the table.

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