Clarence Oddbody Epitomizes Fun In Their Banger Of A Full Length Album ‘Who Loves You, And Who Do You Love?’

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These guys get it. They just do. They are bringing music back to its roots. Having fun and putting smiles on faces. I for one had a perma-smile through ingesting this exceptional album. These extremely accomplished musicians channeled a multitude of great eras from the glory days of music and combined all those eras into this glorious album. I heard a smattering of 60’s pop rock intertwined with the gnarlier 70’s style and mixed in with a smattering Blues and Funk. This talented trio of musicians forged together all these genres to birth a new style that’s of their own.

Sure, amidst these 15 tracks you are going to hear similarities to music of the past, but they are only faint similarities. Clarence Oddbody has taken what’s been done in the past, gave it a spit shine, moved some parts around before unleashing a wholly new sound. A new feel to energize audiences with. Side note, the title of the album is what initially caught my eye. It’s a line of dialogue from one of my favorite 80’s action movies, so I instantly gravitated to it. Anyway, back to the album itself.

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It’s magnificent as I’ve said already. Paul Claxton’s voice is on point from the opening track ‘One In A Million’, and guiding the audience throughout to ‘Coming Up For Air’, which is an apropos title as you’ll need to come up for air after going on the amazing ride this trio takes you on. Now, the noises emanating from the bass due to Jasper Osborn’s mesmerizing play is something to behold, and Tom Chittock plays the drums with such eclectic energy it’s as if he’s channeled great drummers from the 60’s with a peppering of the 70’s and keeps this band moving at a frenetic pace. I salute Clarence Oddbody with my hat off to them. Hope they tour in the States at some point for I feel they’d be an amazing live show.

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