Colder Suns Injects Pure Adrenaline Into The Sleepy UK Rock Scene To Show That Rock Is Very Much Alive With Awe Inspiring Debut ‘Ex-Display’

Colder SunsPaul Hayes

I sit back, press play on this album, and within the first rapid drum beat of ‘Chemicals’ I felt a smile creeping across my face. A “perma-smile” if you will. A sense of joy washed over me as I engrossed myself in this standout album, and it lasted until ‘The Pendulum’ faded out.. Suffice to say this album ticks ALL THE BOXES. You listen to this magnificent collection of music, and with track after track you feel as if you are taking a deep dive into what makes rock and roll great. From the intricate guitar play, to Ben Martin & Paul Hayes’ stellar vocal range this album packs a punch.

You’ve heard the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink”? Well Colder Suns threw in everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink. This album of magnificent song after magnificent song is filled with epic guitar solos, lyrics that are delivered with gravitas, and the ever-present hard-hitting drums. Through my research on this band I found they count Velvet Revolver, GNR and Foo Fighters among their inspirations. If you’re like me, then that means you’re in for a momentous listening experience.

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The years of experience counted amongst the band are on full display with this album. After they spent much time in and out of various bands, these friends decided to join forces like Voltron and form their own band. In a sense this could become the genesis of a “Supergroup”. Years from now after they earn a justifiable amount of accolades, they could point back to this album’s release as the moment in time that changed rock music. As already noted Ben Martin and Paul Hayes’ lyrical delivery are on a level of their own. Their mastery of the guitar is also nothing to slouch at. Redd Reddington’s masterful drum play would not look out of place next to some of the legendary drummers of yesteryear, and finally Charlie Hayes’ caressing of the bass is a feat in itself. The Colder Suns train is leaving the station, don’t find yourself left alone on the platform.

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