Columbia Brings Forth Gloriously Layered And Hard Hitting New Track That Offers An Exhilarating Experience ‘Glory People’

COLUMBIAPhoto by Chris Milligan

From the opening drum beat one feels that they’ve been blessed to be privy to what comes next. You feel it pulsating and brewing just under the surface. You hear it emanating from beneath the streets occupied with the current crop of bands leading the musical scene. It’s a slow build that only gets stronger as the song progresses. It’s a build that’s ready to explode to a beautiful crescendo of bombastic sounds sure to break through any barriers that the most fickle of music listeners has put up.

Columbia is a band that clearly has a rocket strapped to its ass as they are destined to be shot to the moon with how large of an explosive impact that they are about to unload onto the musical landscape. It most certainly is now their turn, and they are not waiting for permission to gain admission into the elite. No, they instead are readying themselves to take position at the top as they announce their arrival through the grandiose vocals of Craig Lewis. Through the energetic and kinetic guitar riffs from both Lewis and Ben Rowlands. Through the heart pumping beat provided by Chris Webber and the enticing bass of Aron ‘Sten’ Stenning. It’s all these key components that have united into a musical force to be reckoned with. Add a dash of Asha Jane along with her evocative backing vocals, and you have magic captured in a bottle.


Columbia brings a built in anthemic feel to their music. There’s an ‘event” feel that comes with it. They bring with them a raw talent and sound that causes you to question anyone for NOT knowing of them. To have the audacity to be unaware of the great music feat they are putting out into the world. If in fact you haven’t been blessed to have experience Columbia yet, then as soon as you finish reading this, make it a point to rectify that situation.

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