Conditioned For Complacency: Is The Internet Age Turning People Lazy

Smartphone addiction - nanophobiaPhoto by J Stimp

It’s happened. People’s overreliance has turned society, complacent. Their whole lives now reside in the small devices held in their hands (or even attached to their wrists). These devices that were once merely used to speak to each other over great distances have now transformed into units of power. Power to oversee every aspect of a person’s life. That in itself has turned us complacent. People have begun to snuggle up comfortably with the ease of online ordering. They now do not have to leave the comfort of their homes, hell even their beds to get what they want. With the simplicity of clicking a button their every desire is delivered to their door.

That over reliance is dangerous as it is slowly conditioning society as a whole into becoming weak. Far gone are the days of rolling up your sleeves, getting your hands dirty, and getting the job done by hook or by crook. Now, you click a button and get somebody else to do it. It’s that simple. I watch people on the regular unaware of the world they live in. They walk around almost as if they are mindless zombies with their eyes glued to their phones. The sky could be falling above them, and they’d be blissfully unaware as they are transfixed to that 3.5” screen in their hand.

internet addiction

It’s gotten so bad that just the other day I saw a person with their head buried in their phone walking aimlessly into traffic. Cars screeched to a halt and blared their horns. The audacity of these moving vehicles. This person looked up from phone with rage in their eyes and spitting venomous words in the direction of those intruding on their time. How dare they bother them and their life, which ironically exists only in that 3.5” screen that they find immensely more interesting than their actual life. In closing I pose this thought to you. What would happen if for some mysterious reason the internet just shut down? No more social media, no more 24-hour news cycle, no more of the ease of online ordering. Would you be able to survive? Could you be able to survive? Do you still have a bit of survival instincts left or have they all gone the way of the Dodo since you put all your eggs into your phone controlling your life. Just some food for thought.


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