Coral Snake have released a groovy single ‘Web of Lies’

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With more upcoming releases on the horizon, hard rockers Coral Snake are back with a powerful new track titled “Web of Lies” and show no signs of slowing down.

‘Web of Lies’ immediately strikes you as distinctive when you listen to it. It sounds quite lively and doesn’t seem excessively polished. This is due to the fact that “Web of Lies” was recorded using a different technique, capturing all the instruments simultaneously while the group performed the song. It’s a fantastic idea to experiment a little with the recording process and see how it plays out, especially these days, when the global standard in music production is for everyone to sound the same. This approach is unquestionably good for rock and roll, since it both makes artists vulnerable and makes them better because it takes considerably more effort. The single was recorded by Chris Davison at The Forum, Darlington and mastered by Samuel Turbitt of Ritual Studios, Thirsk.

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Coral Snake emphasizes groove heavily, pressing on the listener’s attention-grabbing buttons. The golden rule that simply works and creates the ideal team for a true rock and roll band is vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. Coral Snake will offer you that much-needed dosage of 100% pure hard rock with the help of Jamie Farrell’s powerful vocals, Chris Hill’s lead guitar, and Joe Fletcher’s tight drumming.

The band’s most notable performances include opening for Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, playing with Kris Barras Band, and taking part in the Call of the Wild Festival in 2022. Additionally, they made it to the Bloodstock Festival’s Metal 2 The Masses 2022 final in Newcastle. Since they don’t fit into the same category as many Bloodstock bands, they were a little surprised when it happened, but the people of Newcastle and judges enjoyed their performance and that’s all that matters.



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