CRISM has released their intricate and hard-hitting self-titled album

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Kołobrzeg, Poland-based outfit CRISM is here to catch you by surprise with an album that is very diverse, with high dynamic range and music that travels through all human emotions.

If you want to know what good songwriting means, then CRISM is one of those bands that I’d like to point my finger to. This album made my day, I just love when it’s pure rock in its essence, very fluid, and alive-sounding. It feels like it lives between classic and modern approach of production and probably that’s what makes it stand out. Behind the music on this album is the master songwriter Konrad Sciepko who’s the vocalist, guitar player and also does all the parts on keys, working together with Lukasz Kumanski on drums. Let’s just hope CRISM will turn the studio project into a live band and tour with this album for many years because this album absolutely positively deserves to gain international recognition. Hit the play button below and spend some quality time right here and now.

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CRISM’s self-titled album was recorded at CUSTOM34 STUDIO, DRIVE STUDIO in Gdansk and home studio environment with involvement of Mateusz Machnikowski and Filip Martyniec together with Konrad and Lukasz. It includes some old material from Konrad’s past, and it certainly was the right thing to do—bring it to life.

These songs are about dealing with all kinds of life struggles, dealing with alcohol, heavy doubts, disappointments in close people. You can feel it and that’s what makes this music real. Good one!

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