CUFFS Launch New Single ‘Watch me Die’ that Presses on Mental Health Taboo

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The Punk Rock band CUFFS popular for their live shows since 2019, performing with big names such as Bob Vylan, Haggard Cat and Death Goals at Altitude and Turbulence festivals—have dropped a single on 11th February with a powerful message.

Vocalist of Cuffs, Brodie Morgans, explains that ‘‘Watch me die is about the deterioration of mental health’’. The band is known for songs that put a critical spotlight on society. Morgans makes it apparent that ‘Watch Me Die’ does not differ—with the song’s message undressing the reality of people mentally suffering in plain sight with no one to help them but watch them die.

Cuffs uphold the vibe of the 2000s punk scene, being the last few to hold the torch from the early punk rock bands that champion social change at the heart of their music. ‘Watch Me Die’ is full of attitude with an intoxicating sound made with drilling riffs and heavy beats that aims to uplift listeners and motivate them—inspiring this generation to take action against mental health issues.


‘‘These guys are definitely miffed off, and I’d say stick around if you want to hear their current opinion on Great Britain right now.’’ – RGM Magazine

The single was developed to capture the essence of the band’s live shows in a compact, digitally-distributable form for streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube. The team behind developing the single include engineer/producer Matthew Cook, Pete Maher (mastering), and artists/designers Flowers & Bones. Cuffs are made up of musicians from across the UK, collaborating their colloquial influences to inject a new sound into the UK’s culture of Punk. The band’s musicians include vocalist Brodie Morgans, drummer Lewis Harwood, bassist Will Kenneth, and guitarist Matthew Cook.


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