Damn Renegades are back with a new EP ‘Excelsior’

Damn RenegadesPhoto by Haille Kern

Philadelphia-based hard rockers Damn Renegades, known for their never-ending electrifying energy charge forward with their newest EP ‘Excelsior’.

Recorded at Studio North in Philadelphia, PA by Zach Brown, the latest EP ‘Excelsior’ by Damn Renegades will not disappoint. The wheels of this heavy machinery are spinning, and it’s an absolute pleasure to every headbanger’s eardrums. It opens with ‘Blitzed’ and immediately you know who are the owners of this distinctive sound. The one thing every fan will love about ‘Excelsior’ EP is that all of these songs fit together tightly. It represents a consistent sound of Damn Renegades, and I personally think the sound and feel are among the elements important to push deep in listener’s memory cards. Hit that play button and get a positive charge to your mind and heart.

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The artwork for the ‘Excelsior’ EP, essentially depicts a wasteland, a city in ruins, with elements that represent each song. It’s great to see that each song fits into the overall picture, not just in terms of style and sound but also in terms of the visuals.

Damn Renegades were formed in 2020 and their influences include bands like Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Megadeth, and Smashing Pumpkins. The band consists of musicians Ryan Gattini (Guitar, Vocals), Dillon Finn (Bass, Vocals), and Vinnie Muckey (Drums). Gifted with outstanding instrument skills and memorable vocals, this is one of the most powerful three-piece rock bands I’ve heard lately.

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